2017 is the year for change.

It’s the year for collaboration.

It’s the year for healing and the year to challenge yourself and your organization to expand and do better.

Mia Henry from the Arcus Center for Social Justice at Kalamazoo College has created this document highlighting many of the justice and inclusion organizations in the US. This list focuses exclusively on organizations not individuals, though there are amazing individuals doing equity work, the list would be too long and the possibility of leaving someone off the list too great.

As you move into budgeting for the 2017/2018 fiscal year, please consider using some of that budget to hire an organization to support the development of a social justice framework for your organization.

Too often we rely on the one or two people of color or interested white person to hold the space for these conversations. The people on this list have decades of experiences and are able to provide support to look at both internal and external components that keep inequity in place.

To change the structural you have to examine the internal. Examining the internal allows you to see the structural and systemic.

We are only able to make sustainable change if we invest time and money and meet our growth edges with courage.

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