Sixteen years ago, Dismantling Racism, a Work Book for Social Change Groups was published. It is a comprehensive list of the ways in which white supremacy shows up in our everyday interactions.

I have worked in the arts, of and on, for over 20 years. Recently, I’ve had more than a few conversation about how these habits show it. Most people in power would claim that many of the things –moving fast to achieve your goals, demanding that people conform to the culture of your organization, holding qualitative data as most important, hierarchy, and either/or thinking are simply part of living in the world today.

This document challenges that idea. It supports the understanding of the world in a new and different way. In order to really change our embedded racism, we must develop new habits. If we continue to use the same tools, pour the same mold but expect different results, we are living our the actual definition of insanity.

I have challenged myself to examine how these habits show up in my professional and personal interactions. Maybe you could do the same?

I would plug here for a mindfulness practice. Not only does it make this type of self reflection easier, it also helps with the discomfort of trying new things.


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