As an antiracism facilitator, artist and yoga teacher, I see many facets of a human being.

I witness people’s reflexive interaction with one another as well as their deepest held personal insecurities and fears. So often there is an overlap in the two, where fear exists, anger presents.

We are given a gift, many times every day to face the attitudes that imprison us. We can face them in our own bodies and minds or we can reflect on them in the structures that make up our communities and countries. With every breath we have a choice — we can be the change we want to see.

We are acculturated to take the path of least resistance. To engage in hard work beyond making money is often seen as a waste of time. In reclaiming our communities, it is time to see work as an means to making life better for yourself beyond the acquisition of things. The dominance of capitalism has clouded our ability to see the value in work for the creation of more effective communication, strong relationships, and a healthier planet. What would happen if we broke the cycle of living to work?

What are you ignoring in your body, in your soul, in your community or your country at the expense of acquiring more things? How has the expense of keeping up impacted your ability to enjoy what life has to offer?

What are you willing to see?

How can you use your breath to interrogate habits and allow you to face challenges and fear with open eyes?

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