Management Assistance Group (MAG) envisions a world where the planet and all who inhabit it are treated with dignity and love and resources and power are shared in ways that enable everyone the opportunity to realize their potential and live life fully.


I am working with an astounding group of individuals through the Network Leadership Learning Lab.  The Lab is being facilitated by Management Assistance Group. MAG had developed principles for a Thriving Justice Ecosystem.

They include:

  1. Advancing Deep Equity: Understanding an implementing a systems approach to social change.
  2. Cultivating Leaderful Ecosystems: Allowing for leaders to exist and thrive in all spaces.
  3. Valuing Multiple ways of Knowing: A deep acknowledgement of the intellectual, emotional and spiritual ways we all develop our understanding.
  4. Influencing Complex Systems Change: Putting muscle behind your ideas of equity.
  5. Creating Space for Inner Work: Knowing that everyone has inner growth that must happen in order for real change to happen.

Read more about the principles here.


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