Chastity is a mixed heritage woman of First Nations and European descent. A proud member of the Tla’amin Nation, located in Powell River just off the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, she strives to keep her sacred First Nations culture, traditions, and values incorporated into her modern day life. Chastity has dedicated her life to facilitating the building of bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Heartfulness is the ability to take responsibility for your own impact, to own how you walk in the world and what ripple effects happen due to your wake.

Heartfulness is living inside of the body as well as the soul.

Heartfulness is finding the intersections. It is living and practicing integration. Integration of your own identity as well as bringing all those parts of yourself to every space you inhabit.

Heartfulness is recognizing yourself in another and them in you.

Chastity travels the world supporting women in business, indigenous communities, the Canadian government, and large corporations in understanding how to reclaim their relationship to heartfulness.

She has an anecdote she tells of how her elders hold love in their hearts, even when they are being mistreated and misused. That love can transcend momentary transgression and that it is the cornerstone for healing. Momentary can be a minute or a hundred years, we are all small and our lives short in comparison with the life of our planet or our universe.

In talking to Chastity, she spoke of the way that heartfulness impacts work and life.

Heartfulness is philosophical. You develop and outline a way of being and working that is aligned with doing the least amount of harm and supporting those around you. You place your self in relational importance to everyone else. You are not more important or less important. You recognize we are all necessary and needed. Your identity is tied to the perceptions of others-we are all in this together.

Heartfulness is spiritual, like all change work. You commit to faith in humanity and yourself. You recognize that you occupy a small space in the vastness of the world and that the space you occupy is in relationship to everyone else.

Heartfulness is wholeness. It is the place where everything comes together. The place of full integration—head, heart, spirit, it is the place where you are able to bring together all the aspects of who you are and how you serve.

Find out more information about Chastity and her work, here.

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