The Equity Collective collaborated with the Ragged Wing on the development of the script ideas and support of cast and directors through the creation of this piece. It was an opportunity for the cast to explore bias and began with months of very vulnerable discussion.

A six month process, this script and performance were created by Rachel Brown, Tatiana Chaterji, Fenner, Inocente Po Guizar, Emmy Pierce, Julius Rea, and Ryan Takemiya and directed by Amy Sass. The play follows two astronauts through their exploration of different worlds, trying to find a home that feels complete and whole. This complex performance explores questions around class, race and gender poetically and with humor.

The writers, actors, and director put a great deal of work into cultivating relationships and allowing space for individuals to grow. In order to develop the script, the group explored systemic oppression, sexuality, and spirituality. It resulted in a complex script that holds center to the development of interpersonal relationships in order to make systemic change.

Taking on systemic oppression as theater company is an ongoing process, in this piece the collaboration discovered, creativity can be helpful vehicle for working through complex issues and that everything takes much longer than anticipated. A core theme that they explored was giving up efficiency for connection and understanding.

The play runs from October 27 through November 11, 2017.

For tickets or information check out the Ragged Wing website.

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