The practice of justice, equity and inclusion requires diligence and patience. You return again and again to be confronted by the same challenges. Through a daily practice and analysis, you develop the skills to navigate systems that reinforce oppression, systems that are designed to be invisible to those with power and privilege. It is only through a daily practice and commitment that you start to shift your understanding of the ways in which oppression is a normal way of life. With out this practice, you allow the status quo to prevail.

Yoga is a practice. It requires that you show up everyday, with your breath, and the jumping of your mind. Yoga requires your commitment, it requires your devotion. Yoga is there for you and supports your growth, even amidst your regression and stagnation.

The practice of asana within the larger practice of yoga philosophy prepares you to undertake this process in other parts of your life. Preparing your body and mind through the discomfort that comes with the compression and elongation of your muscles and fascia gives you the internal resources to sit with other discomfort as it rears up in your life.

Real change comes when we each commit to show up everyday, with our breath, the jumping of our mind and practice for change and transformation. The asana practice opens up our capacity for reflection and change. The tools we practice, daily, on the mat, allow a greater capacity for discomfort leading to transformation.

We can harness this capacity to develop a deeper understanding of how to make change in the world. Then we get to act.

What you allow is what will continue… can give yourself the opportunity to practice the change you want to see, by delving into reflection and action each day, you can start to shift your lens and relationship to those around you.

Below are some resources to help you along your way.

Decolonizing Yoga

Trauma Conscious Yoga Method

Yoga and Social Justice 200 hour Yoga Training

Garrison Institute

World Trust Educational Services

Race Forward

Everyday Feminism

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