What would Gwendolyn Brooks Do?

On Tuesday night "The Wrong Way to Save Your Life," was released by Equity Collective's collaborator Megan Stielstra. It was awesome and fun and literary and groundbreaking. There were old fashions and tears and reunions of people that have been working together for decades. People that now fan across the country and globe. Megan was … Continue reading What would Gwendolyn Brooks Do?

Kaitlin of the Alphabet Rockers

Kaitlin is Artistic Director for a children’s hip hop group named “Alphabet Rockers.” The Equity Collective is participating in a collaboration with them. The intent is to provide a way to explore systems and collective history in a space occupied by both children and parents. Together, we are exploring paradox and cultural learning. Our working … Continue reading Kaitlin of the Alphabet Rockers

Radical Classrooms

Bobby Biedrzycki is a writer, performer, educator, and transnational human rights activist who resides in Chicago, IL. His stories, poems, and performances have appeared on pages, stages, and public spaces across the U.S. and beyond. His work is rooted in cross-disciplinary art making that focuses on creating social change. _____________________________________________ “The classroom remains the most … Continue reading Radical Classrooms

Searchable List of US Social Justice Orgs

2017 is the year for change. It’s the year for collaboration. It’s the year for healing and the year to challenge yourself and your organization to expand and do better. Mia Henry from the Arcus Center for Social Justice at Kalamazoo College has created this document highlighting many of the justice and inclusion organizations in … Continue reading Searchable List of US Social Justice Orgs

A yoga teacher and a police officer walk into a bar…

Beth Zygielbaum is a Yoga teacher and Owner of Leela Yoga in Alameda, CA. She is committed to her community, the studio teachers volunteer at the Alameda County Food Bank once a month, the yoga teacher training connects the Sanskrit concept of seva, work performed without any thought of reward or repayment, to community involvement … Continue reading A yoga teacher and a police officer walk into a bar…