Alphabet Rockers
Over the course of a year, the team developed a parent and child curriculum for justice and equity based on a series of songs about skin color, privilege, racialized history and visions for an equitable future. The collaboration developed through brain storming and listening sessions, historical research, and systems analysis.

Download a pdf to share with your family here.

The Grammy nominated album Rise Shine #Woke can be purchased here.

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Love Light Yoga
The creation of a yoga and social justice curriculum lead to international trainings and workshops. Together, Love Light Yoga and The Equity Collective examine the interplay between physical blocks and systematic oppression. Themes include colonialist legacies, privilege, internalized racism, personal and collective healing.

Medicine Cards and Healing Cookbook
Launched in 2017, the Network Weaver Learning Lab was an 18-month program created through a partnership between Change Elemental (then Management Assistance Group (MAG)) and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services.

The result of this work is a medicine card deck and a companion healing cookbook.  The medicine cards and healing cookbook have been designed to support ending relationship-based violence and other intersectional forms of oppression and injustice. Each card, or section in the book, represents a reflection, invitation, tool, or experience that has helped an individual, organization and/or network make a sustained change.

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At My Sphere, Oakland
A womxn’s co-working space dedicated to deep equity and empowerment, Dia is working with them to support their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices.

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World Trust
Dia Penning has developed three volumes of systems curriculum  in collaboration with World Trust.  This long term collaboration brings together the minds of experts in the field to create learning for adults interested in developing a world that works for everyone. All systems curriculum can be adapted for high school students.

Let’s Talk about: At the Sacramento Public Library
Lott Hill and Dia Penning worked closely with the Sacramento Public Library over a course of two years to develop a groundbreaking series of conversations. These public forums were designed to challenge people to talk publicly about the things that are most challenging and find common ground with their neighbors.

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Past projects:

Oakland Museum of California
Fall of 2016 through Spring of 2017, The Oakland Museum of California hosted their 50th anniversary Black Panther exhibit, All Power to the People. Through partnership with the education and public programs team, we developed a conversation series for the public. Dia Penning trained three facilitators as well as co-created several conversation arcs based on the materials in the exhibition, tying in current events and community concerns.IMG_2291
Ragged Wing Ensemble
This collaboration was developed to support the creation of a new theater work called “the Multi-verse.” In this project a team of artists, including Dia Penning,  will imagine a world in which each person can be accountable for their own experience but responsive to a collective vision. Over the course of six months artists work together to develop visual and performing work to highlight this collective vision.

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